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1 year ago by alexandre

Is it me or is pointofimpactjs down?

1 year ago by KevMcKenzie

no it's down:

No info on Twitter or Facebook yet.

1 year ago by alexandre

Too bad. There was good stuff there. But I — probably like many others — have barely used it in the past 2 years. Maintenance (aka hosting fees) probably became more trouble than the owner felt it was worth.

1 year ago by Joncom

Yep. It's too bad.

I used to use it frequently to check if the ImpactJS forums had any new posts.

1 year ago by Graphikos

Yep. With very little traffic and not much time to manage it I decided to take it offline. Sorry for the lack of notice. Looks like ImpactJS hasn't progressed much either. It's a shame really.
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