10 months ago by Xander

I've been working on a little fangame using Impact for the past couple of weeks. I've made some significant progress on the "engine", so I thought I'd share.

There are a few bugs I am still working out, but so far I am please with the progress.

Added Gamepad support, woo!

Any feedback would be great.

I added the rough beginnings of an Overworld Map, though it doesn't have any interaction presently.

EDIT: Overworld map ow has interaction. COme in contact with an enemy to start a level.

2 months ago by jeromecovington

Very nice. Playable and challenging and a good ode to classic Mario platformers. I'm trying to get started on something similar, definitely in the Mario veign in terms of jumping physics, ability to run, etc. Do you have any thoughts on where to get started? I want to get into the fun of choosing sprites and playing with the level editor. I would like a lot of the "solved problems" of these kinds of platformers to not be my concerns, at least not at the beginning.
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