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5 years ago by ToddMorrison

selecting entities and hitting space doesn't pick up any of my entities - no javascript errors.


5 years ago by ToddMorrison

Found out what the issue was.
Using, the blob.aspx needed to accept Request["blob[]"] instead of Request["blob"]

No issue discovered in client code.


12 months ago by jmcnamara211

Getting the same thing on Ubuntu 12.04 running apache. Does it work with Ubuntu Linux and apache?

12 months ago by Joncom

Does it work with Ubuntu Linux and apache?
It should work, but WM also needs PHP. You can check if PHP is running by putting this file called "phpinfo.php" in your project root:


If you can view that without errors, you should be able to run WM no problem as well.

5 months ago by Fravio4

Choose to end selection. The editing command you invoked can now be carried out.
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