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8 months ago by denkle

Touch Button Plugin for Impact. Event listeners are changed to canvas to get a free body. And with fix for scaled canvas.

5 months ago by zouzouek

I'm having an issue with this plugin as well as the original impactjs plugin. Once i touch the button , the character moves infinitely and doesn't stop with touchend. Also the console shows the following error in the console :

Cannot set property 'right' of undefined

This fires at line 111 at the statement

ig.input.presses[this.action] = true;

I'm initializing my buttons as such :

            this.buttons = new ig.TouchButtonCollection([
                new ig.TouchButton( 'left', {left: 0, bottom: 0}, ig.system.width/2 - 8, ig.system.height ),
                new ig.TouchButton( 'right', {right: 0, bottom: 0}, ig.system.width/2 - 8, ig.system.height),


Any idea what could be causing the issue?
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