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6 years ago by harryhcs

Hi there! Just started playing with impactJS and its super cool!! How would one go about making a side scroller map that can continually scroll left or right as the player runs to either side? Im not sure how to build the map etc?

6 years ago by Bushstar

Work through the tutorial below. It will give you an understanding of the process of creating a game in Impact.

It sounds like you'd be interested in the section on customising the camera. This is where you'd make the camera scroll with the player.

6 years ago by paulh

Also lok at the drop source code if you want to generate the map dynamically.

6 years ago by harryhcs

Thanks for the replies! I will go through that now and see if I can get it done.

6 years ago by harryhcs

I think I might not have explained my self well. I have done that type of tutorial allready. But what I want to do is make a game that scrolls to either side unlimited. So there is no end to the map, left or right. Does this make sense?

6 years ago by auz1111

Yeah, as palh said it's similar to the drop source code except horizontal. You have to dynamically generate the map so take a look at drop source code and manipulate it.
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