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1 year ago by ComitOne

I know impact in general can be used with Nintendo Web Framework for Wii U. Is the twopointfive plugin also compatible?

1 year ago by dominic

Sadly, no. The Nintendo Web Framework does not support WebGL, which twopointfive needs for drawing. Impact itself will work fine, though.

1 year ago by ComitOne

OK, thanks for confirming Dominic.

I'm developing an "On-rails" type game that requires a Point and Shoot type control scheme. The TwoPointFive plugin is wonderful and helping me reach that goal.

But here's my dilemma.

I have a Wii U dev kit and Apple TV.

- On Wii U, the point and shoot type control scheme can easily be achieved with the Wiimote hardware, but the Wii U doesn't support WebGL.

- On the other hand, Apple TV supports WebGL, but the remote doesn't have a magnetometer so the point and shoot control scheme cannot be achieved.

I was searching the forums and found Impact-Pseudo-3D which adds support for a 3D viewport but doesn't use WebGL. So, theoretically it should work on Wii U. The downside is it isn't as robust as TwoPointFive, as I imagine the developer didn't spend too much time getting it perfect.

I guess what I'm asking is, would it be worth my time trying to adapt the Impact-Pseudo-3D plugin to work in a similar way to TwoPointFive, lighting etc, sans the WebGL implementation. So I/we can get a 3D viewport for Wii U NWF? Another factor is that the Wii U is nearing the end of it's life-cycle, that said, I'm sure NX will probably support NWF in the future.

Are there any reasons for me to not go down that path, maybe, performance limitations etc?

12 months ago by Fravio4

I'm interested in it too, so waiting answer
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