Download 64-bit Mac and Linux releases directly

Original Suite

Finally we have a stable and usable version of the sprite mapping and management tool.

* Upload spritesheet from HD
* Save project (.boom) and Open it later
* Organize vast amount of sprites for your game using hierarchies 
* Drag and drop labels
* Edit, Add, and Delete labels
* Cell selector maps labels to animations
* Undo/Redo actions for labels
* Delete current frame
* Insert new cell at current frame position
* Playback selected animation
* Zoom In/Out playback and spritesheet
* Preview plugin output 
* Export generated content
* Resizable window and flexible page layout

Simply Export the generated code into your *plugins* impact folder and require it in your *main.js* and you'll use it instantly in your in-game entities!

After boomsheets I'll be looking into other needs to help bring your Impact development fullspeed. Feel free to drop recommendations for tools.


Notable bugs:
* Create New Project button does not work - you'll have to double click on the app every time you want a new project
* You must toggle the Template page before code will export json
* Some alignment issues with input and page content
* Setting delay does not work as intended
* Cannot have the same 2-level of labels e.g. "Player > Punch > Hit" and "Enemy > Punch > Hit" will be considered the same due to how the first draft was designed. 
* Playback menu options may not work

The project is closed-source and it you'd like to contribute, contact me and I'll add you to the Bitbucket repo.