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2 years ago by Bum

Now includes BoomSheets sprite mapping tool exclusively Impact

Sprite sheet editor and mapping tool, plugin management, Impact engine configuration tool, and 100% node js

I am developing a suite for Impactjs. One of the many needed tools the community has been asking for is weltmeister support for nodejs. Mapping sprites and creating manageable animSheets is a timely task especially when your spritesheets move around and include new sprites often. Configuring the impact engine to look for specific plugins, folders, and etc. can be repetitive. Software is supposed to remove all redundancies and aid in quick development times.

F L A R E is a series of projects that I am working on for my own use that includes these solutions.

Currently the node-supported weltmeister is available
BoomSheets for Mac and Linux 64 bit is available for download from the github project

Check out on github

The README shows you how to set up the project. It should be painlessly simple.

I originally intended to develop an intricate suite to upgrade your dev pipeline including hosting, packaging, and plugin portal. However this process is taking longer than I expected. Consider donating and support the project with your input and help make this suite a success for all of us. (LAST UPDATED 11/18/2017)

BTC: 16Nvuh4zjD4kmdnLtR12jkK3NkYReJJB1G

2 years ago by Bum

F L A R E BoomSheets
BoomSheets is a stand-alone tool that imports sprite sheets, maps tiles to sprites, allows user organization, and exports the animSheets in an impact digestible format.


Currently in development. This tool makes it easy to re-group entities and be used in your project as easily as this.addAnims('idle', ig.BoomSheets.enemies.Boss);

Further development may include animation playbacks and firing defined events.

2 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Wow, that's pretty cool

2 years ago by fox1t

Impressive, well done. Starred and following on github.
I am full time fullstack nodejs/js developer. If you need any help or features to add just pm i'll help you.
PS: i wanted to do something like this but never had time ^^

2 years ago by Bum

Fork the project and implement any ideas you'll have, I'll review it, and pull your features. At the time being this is a community project for whoever wants to participate. Regardless, I have milestones and features for my own game so the project will be completed by myself.

2 years ago by fox1t

OK nice :)

2 years ago by Bum

Looking forward to it!

2 years ago by Bum

Progress with the Anims Editor, BoomSheets

One of the issues I want FLARE to address is the tedious task of creating anims from your spritesheets. When I'm making a game, sprites move around and frames are replaced. I needed something that would reduce the time I spent counting tiles in my spritesheets. When your sprites are on row 4 with a 15 col block width, it's not intuitive to keep doing the math to figure out the player's frame starts at 59 and NOT 60- don't forget Impact accepts base-0 array indices!!

The anims editor loads your sprites, you create labels, and you map the frames to the cell you want with a click of your mouse. The frames are stored and exported in Impact-friendly format so you can call BoomSheets and expect it to figure out the rest.

this.anim = ig.BoomSheets.PLAYER.ELF.IDLE; 

// returns equivalent statement for:
// new ig.Animation( spriteSheet, PLAYER.ELF.IDLE.delay, [0,1,2,3,2,1, .... ] );

There's a bunch of features BoomSheets can expand into. It's not a spritesheet editor, it's an Anims Editor. I can add support for a playback animation, configure complex animation sequences in the future, and add support for multiple spritesheets per session.

For now, BoomSheets is simple: import sprties, create and organize labels, apply frames to labels => export as a native Impact plugin

Edit @ 2:35 PM CST:

I decided the playback animation was a great idea. It's a necessary feature to help developers see the frames they pick. Updated screenshot after adding the tools.

2 years ago by Bum

Watch a video of the tools and features by clicking here.

I expect to release the first version within the month of September 2016 as part of the F L A R E suite.

2 years ago by Bum


9 months ago by Bum

Hey everyone. Got side tracked with other more important things but I have not forgotten about this suite of tools for Impact. Boomsheets is almost ready for beta. There's a few bugs and I'm sure many features that could be added but it's ready to help you map animations to your Impact games. And not just impact but any tiled-based animation system. With options to export the animation sequence for multiple engines (as long as they are tiled e.g. 32x32, 71x89, 16x16, ...)

After boomsheets I'll be looking into other needs to help bring your Impact development fullspeed. Feel free to drop recommendations for tools.

5 months ago by Bum

I've released the boomsheets spritesheet tool to use in your Impact games! You can save and re-open your sprites for later. save up so much time!

Check the thread out here
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