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1 year ago by alexandre

Is it me or is pointofimpactjs down?

1 year ago by KevMcKenzie

no it's down:

No info on Twitter or Facebook yet.

1 year ago by alexandre

Too bad. There was good stuff there. But I — probably like many others — have barely used it in the past 2 years. Maintenance (aka hosting fees) probably became more trouble than the owner felt it was worth.

1 year ago by Joncom

Yep. It's too bad.

I used to use it frequently to check if the ImpactJS forums had any new posts.

11 months ago by Graphikos

Yep. With very little traffic and not much time to manage it I decided to take it offline. Sorry for the lack of notice. Looks like ImpactJS hasn't progressed much either. It's a shame really.
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