Impact 1.23 adds an easy to use Entity Pool and fixes some smaller bugs.

This release also comes with the new Super Generic Jump'n'Run example game, which supersedes the old Jump'n'Run example in every way. It adapts seamlessly to all screen sizes, features on-screen buttons for mobile devices and works in mobile Browsers and Ejecta out of the box.

The game also demonstrates how to create a Title screen, how to use triggers and switch between levels and how to use the new Pooling functionality. This should be an excellent starting point for many of your own projects.

Play the game here - also try it on your mobile devices!

Super Generic Jump'n'Run

The graphics were made by for the excellent The full, extensively document source code for this Game is available on your download page.

As always, if you&039;re updating from a previous version, take care to not overwrite your own files. You'll just need to update the files in #lib/impact/ and lib/weltmeister/. Grab the new version from your download page.

Changelog - Impact

  • Added ig.EntityPool
  • Added .pxWidth, .pxHeight for ig.Map
  • Added .classId property
  • Added detailed explanations for all settings in lib/weltmeister/config.js
  • Fixed problems with Weltmeister's PHP backend on some systems
  • Fixed ig.merge() to correctly handle null values
  • Fixed Animation&039;s #.gotoFrame sometimes jumping to the wrong frame
  • Fixed flickering problem when rewinding an Animation
  • Fixed flickering problems when sorting newly spawned Entities
  • Fixed various smaller bugs and inconsistencies
Wednesday, August 28th 2013
Tags: Releases