New here? The Create a Game video and the Installation & Getting Started tutorial are probably a good starting point. They give you an overview of how to build a game with the engine.

If you are stuck with anything and can't seem to find an answer here, try asking in the Forums or in our #impactjs IRC channel at

For offline use, this documentation can be downloaded as ZIP archive.


HTML5 Game development with ImpactJS by Davy Cielen and Arno Meysman features step-by-step guides for developing an RPG and a Side Scroller with Impact. It also covers many advanced topics such as debugging, analytics, leaderboards and publishing your game on Facebook and various AppStores.

Jesse Freeman's Introducing HTML5 Game Development walks you through the whole process of creating a game with Impact. It covers everything from setting up your working environment to packaging your game for release.

If you speak Spanish, also have a look at Luis Quintana's book Impact o Phaser. It's a walkthrough of building a complete game with Impact or Phaser.

Video Tutorials


Class Reference

The Class Reference lists all properties and methods for each of Impact's classes. If you are already familiar with the grand scheme of things, this is where you can look up the details.

Core and System