Defined in Module impact.sound, inherits from ig.Class


var sound = new ig.Sound( 'shoot.ogg' );;


An instance of ig.Sound represents a sound file, to be used as background music or game sound.


new ig.Sound( filename, [multiChannel] )

All your sound files have to be present in OGG Vorbis and MP3 format. Their file name has to be the same, except for the file extension. The real file name that will be loaded can be different from the given filename, as the ig.SoundManager decides on the file extension. Also see ig.Sound.use.

E.g. for a "jump" sound, you'd have the following files:


These can then be loaded with one of the following statements

// These 3 lines all do the same. The file extension (.ogg or .mp3) will 
// be decided by the SoundManager, based on the browser's capabilities
// Use whatever syntax you like best.
var sound = new ig.Sound( 'media/sounds/jump.ogg' );

var sound = new ig.Sound( 'media/sounds/jump.mp3' );

var sound = new ig.Sound( 'media/sounds/jump.*' );



New in 1.24

Whether to continuously loop the sound. The default is false.


The path and name of the image file as passed to the constructor.


The volume for this sound file from 0.0 to 1.0. This will be multiplied with the ig.soundManager.volume before the sound is played. The default is 1.



Plays the sound file. If the sound file was not loaded as multiChannel (see constructor) and it is already playing, the sound restarts from the beginning, otherwise the sound is played concurrently in another channel.


Stops playback of the sound

Global Properties


You can disable all sounds an music by setting this property to false before calling ig.main(). The default is true.

When ig.Sound.enabled is false, no sound files will be loaded or played back. This is useful for mobile devices that currently still have vast problems with sound playback in the browser.

// Disable all sounds for mobile devices
if( ) {
	ig.Sound.enabled = false;

// Start the game


New in 1.17

Set the number of copies to be created for each sound file. Having more copies means the sound can be played multiple times simultaneously. This has to be set before you call ig.main()

The default is 4.


New in 1.17

An object specifying the file extension and mime type for various sound formats. This is used in conjunction with ig.Sound.use. Currently implemented are:


New in 1.17

An array of ig.Sound.FORMAT properties to specify the sound formats to test support for. The file extension for all sound files that will be loaded is determined by the first supported format.

The default is

[ig.Sound.FORMAT.OGG, ig.Sound.FORMAT.MP3]

I.e. if the browser supports Ogg/Vorbis, Impact will attempt to load filename.ogg. If Ogg/Vorbis is not supported, the support for MP3 is tested and filename.mp3 will be loaded. If neither format is supported, sound is completely disabled.

Currently, Ogg/Vorbis is supported by Firefox, Opera and Chrome. MP3 and m4a are supported by Safari, Chrome and IE9.