Defined in Module impact.image, inherits from ig.Class


// Load an image
var img = new ig.Image( 'player.png' );

// Draw the whole image
img.draw( x, y );

// Draw one 'tile' of the image 
// (tile 3, with a tilesize of 16x16 pixels)
img.drawTile( x, y, 3, 16 );


ig.Image is a wrapper around image resources (png, gif or jpeg). It takes care of loading and scaling the source image. You can draw the whole image (.draw()) or just one tile of it (.drawTile()).

Most of the time you shouldn&039;t need to draw an #ig.Image directly, but instead use ig.Animation or ig.BackgroundMap.


new ig.Image( filename )

Note that images are cached. That means that if you create two images with the same source file, the constructor returns the same instance. E.g.:

var img1 = new ig.Image( 'player.png' );
var img2 = new ig.Image( 'player.png' );

img1 == img2; // => true

After loading an image, it is automatically scaled (nearest neighbor) according to ig.system.scale if necessary. If the engine hasn&039;t completely loaded all required modules (denoted by #ig.ready), the image is added to the resources to be loaded by the preloader.



The actual image resource when the image is loaded. This is either an <img> or (if ig.system.scale is not 1) <canvas> element.


true when the image resource could not be loaded (e.g. at an 404 or 403 error)


true when the image resource has been loaded, false otherwise


The path and name of the image file as passed to the constructor.

.width, .height

Size of the image in (unscaled) pixels.


.draw( targetX, targetY, [sourceX], [sourceY], [width], [height] )

Draws the whole image at targetX, targetY, or a part of it when sourceX, sourceY and width and height are given.

.drawTile( targetX, targetY, tile, tileWidth, [tileHeight], [flipX], [flipY] )

Draws a single tile with the index tile at targetX, targetY.

The position of the specified tile is calculated with the given tileWidth and tileHeight. If tileHeight is ommitted, it is assumed to be the same as tileWidth.

flipX and flipY are booleans, denoting if the tile should be drawn flipped ("mirrored") on the given axis.