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1 decade ago by mimik

Anyone know how i setup my code to work with cocoonJS?
i have the app and i know how to upload zip files.

But i dont know how to start an Impact.js Game in it.

Cant really find any documentation.

So there is no DOM, how do i make it hook into to the app?

this wont work
ig.main('#canvas', MyGame, 60, 320, 240, 2);

1 decade ago by fulvio

I'm also waiting for some proper documentation on how to setup the index.html file and any modifications to main.js to get it working.

1 decade ago by fugufish

they didn't provide any docs?

1 decade ago by DavidWeber


1 decade ago by paulh

got it all working on 3gs, ipad1 and android :

With that noted, right before your game initialization code:

ig.main('#canvas', YourGame, 60, 480, 320, 1);

Put something like:

var c = document.createElement('canvas'); = 'canvas';

Then bake it and zip your sfx, media and game.min.js into one zip, add to devices/launcher
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