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6 years ago by chessmasterhong

Hello all,

I recently created an Impact plugin that might help with those of you developing games that rely on a weather system, day/night cycles, seasonal cycles, or otherwise an in-game visual representation of date and time.


The plugin is configurable. You can start the plugin on a specific date and time. You can specify how fast you want time to advance. There is also a geographical coordinate system built in to accommodate for various latitudes/longitudes for games that spans across an entire planet. These are some of the features the plugin provides.

There are still a few issues to be resolved but overall, it is usable. I tried to emphasize accuracy and stability while developing this plugin. This is my first major plugin for Impact and my first release. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Please let me know what you think.


6 years ago by RockLeo

Amazing work.

6 years ago by chessmasterhong

Thank you.

6 years ago by matthewjames

Very cool plugin Chan! Regarding Water emblem though, would it be possible to get a copy of your git's purged media folder? I am trying to run your open source project but am unable due to the media folder missing.

I was wanting to use your project as a learning point. Thanks either way for the response!

6 years ago by chessmasterhong

Thanks, matthewjames.

Also, thank you for expressing your interest in our Water Emblem game. Unfortunately, our team has agreed not to release the game's media.

We might consider releasing a small demo of the game sometime in the future for people like you who wish to learn from the project.

6 years ago by matthewjames


Hey no worries, I figured you and your team had your reasons. I guess for now I can just use a single default image for your player entities? Our is there more purged from keeping it working?

Either way, just looking at the code will be very helpful. I am wanting to develop a mmo-like game with impact and this should be a great learning point. If your team is at all interested in an endeavor like this in the future I would be happy to help.

6 years ago by chessmasterhong

There's actually a lot more than just a few files missing that is needed to run the game.

I appreciate the offer and will keep this in mind.

I would like to keep this thread related to the Impact Atmosphere plugin. If you have any other non-related questions, please message me in private.

6 years ago by matthewjames

Hey a quick question for the plugin.

I like everything that is included so far, would it be possible to add in screen flashes when it is raining to somewhat immitate lightning and then a sound file for thunder perhaps?

6 years ago by chessmasterhong

Yes, lightning flash effects was one of the features I had in mind.

In regards to thunder sound though, I would rather not include sound files with the plugin. Basically, I want to keep the plugin to mostly code, if possible, and only use additional media for the sake of demonstration.

However, I will try to add a plugin configuration to allow optional loading for sounds and have the developer add their own sound files for the plugin to load from. This way, the plugin will only load the sound files that are needed for users who want sounds but yet won't force it in their development.

6 years ago by chessmasterhong

I've added lightning flash effects. I set the trigger rate fairly low (2.5% per update rate, I think) and to randomize so it may take a while for it to trigger. This is to prevent spamming the screen with constant flashing.

6 years ago by matthewjames

Amazing work Chan, thanks for the swift reply and push! This will come in handy for a lot of us I have a feeling. Great work.
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