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1 decade ago by bitmapshades

Here's a work in progress plugin I wrote using Impact JS and jQuery for the action RPG I'm developing. I created it to find a working solution to the problem of tracking clickable entities and rolllover states for an inventory UI.

Some methods are still to be added but I thought I would put this one out there for suggestions and improvements. There are no image assets included in the repo but the libs and stylesheet should give you some idea. Known issues so far are that the icons reset when the inventory is toggled but I'm working on a solution to that.

1 decade ago by bitmapshades

I've just updated the plugin to v0.3 on my repo:

Equipped items can be unequipped and re-equipped by clicking on them so they move to the next available slot. In the inventory.js I've coded two item types so you can see the stats.

1 decade ago by bitmapshades

I received some feedback on my plugin recently so I've updated the readme.txt, to hopefully make it clearer how my inventory system works. I'm not sure what conflicts box2d might be arising but community feedback would be much appreciated.

I've been so busy at work recently though that I've not had the energy to focus on it. I will be updating it when I take some time off over the holidays.
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