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9 years ago by dryas


I've created a new minimap plugin that you can find here:

It will display a minimap with the following features:

- Generate multiple(!) minimaps in different sized (e.g. minimap vs. commander map) on the fly, no "pre-rendered" images needed
- Choose which layers of the map should be displayed on the minimap
- Display entities and their movement by entity type on the map
- Choose if you want the entities displayed as a rectancle or as an image
- Change color, size, offset of entity indicators
- Show viewport of the user on the minimap

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9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Awesome, I will take a look at this after the holidays.

9 years ago by iparra

Awesome plugin, I tested and works fine. Loading tiles dynamically is wonderful.


9 years ago by davidg0

Perfect, I'll use it in my game.
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