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10 years ago by jessefreeman

For those of you who have read my book on Impact and have an interest in running your game on Windows 8 you should have a look at a post I wrote here. It will walk you through the process of getting the Resident Raver demo game up[ and running in Visual Studio along with how to handle some of the Win8 specific events such as resize and app loading. What is great about Windows 8 supporting HTML5 apps is that it allows you submit your game to the Windows Store and monetize it. I've already seen a few games on the forums running on Windows 8 and if you are using Impact for your own game it's a great way to get more exposure for your game in a new market.

I'll be watching this thread to help out others looking to port their games over to Windows 8 and you can email me directly at jesse.freeman at microsoft . com if you have any questions, need help or want to share your game with me. All you need is a copy of Windows 8 and a free copy of Visual Studio Express. You can even get a free 90 day trail of Windows 8 here. It also works geate on Macs via Bootcamp so give it a try.

10 years ago by point0

Excellent post. I'm interested in using ImpactJS to develop Windows 8 Metro/Modern games so I'll play around with this and let you know it goes. =)

10 years ago by jessefreeman

Great! You can use the contact form on my site to send me an email. Happy to help out if you need it.
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