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9 years ago by aceangel

Hi guys, just wanted to share a plugin I've worked on. I was going to release it a while ago, but I just now had some free time to upload this on Github. This plugin enables spine animations to be used in an Impact.js game w/o pixi.js or Turbulenz. I believe it can be used with Ejecta, but I've only tested it with Intel's XDK's DirectCanvas. It's based off of FlyOverGames implementation of Spine.

Controls: wasd + z or direction keys + z


It doesn't support FFD meshes because I worked on this before it was available. It seems like it would be way over my head to implement.

Rewind() function is a little funky, so animations loop.


9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

This is really impressive. I didn't know about Spine for games but I've seen this bone technique for cartoon animation. Thanks for porting this to Impact.

9 years ago by aceangel

No problem, this wouldn't be possible without everyone on this board :)

8 years ago by alexandre

@aceangel, I am not able to run your plugin demo. Site seems down.

8 years ago by aceangel

Site is back up. Sorry Alexandre
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