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8 years ago by stahlmanDesign

We need to hire a front-end developer (JavaScript/HTML/CSS) with a focus on web apps and explanatory infographics using JQuery/javascript animation. (PHP/MySQL is a huge plus).

Finding someone who knows Impact means there would be opportunities to make mini-games too, in the context of journalism. If the city has lots of potholes, imagine a mini-game where you have to fill them in but they keep appearing, faster and faster. During an election, it could be a race between the candidates, their heads on top of entities running around, each with different powers. Lots of creative freedom.

I personally want us to develop mini-games in Impact, but strong JavaScript/CSS/HTML knowledge is even more important. For example we do lots of custom Google maps using Fusion Tables as a data source. Here's an example:

Here is a web app entirely done in JavaScript/CSS/HTML (saving JSON files).

The back-end of this graphic looks almost exactly the same as the front end. The admin drags and drops pucks (jQuery UI) on the ice, which is a canvas layer. The public sees it updated live as the game is being played.

This is a good opportunity for someone who has javascipt talents who also wants to develop games. Si vous pouvez parler français, c'est encore mieux.

8 years ago by alexandre

Dammit I'm from Montreal but have been in China for a while--7 years+--now. This sounded just like I wanted. Crisss... ;)

8 years ago by stahlmanDesign

C'est vraiment dommage Alexandre, on a carte blanche en ce moment pour faire des choses créatives. Si jamais tu reviens, fais-moi signe.

I will let the community know if we have a project. It might be possible to do an Impact game on contract, without living here. However, we really need an full-time person.

8 years ago by alexandre

I would have loved this I am sure. Plus the opportunity to go back home, eat steaks, cheese, portuguese grilled chicken, etc. Oh well back to tofu & noodles. :| (actually I shouldn't say this; my wife cooks really well; she's a devil in the kitchen; but I do miss home).

PS: je te ferai signe, c'est promis.

8 years ago by Xander

I'm from Toronto. This sounds like the kind of thing I want to get into, but I think I am a year or so away from where I need to be, javascript wise.

Good luck finding someone!
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