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9 years ago by occamman

Our teenaged-son is thinking of using ImpactJS. I know he'll start coding up stuff right away, but I've found that powerful tools often have features that it pays to spend a little time learning in a more-formal way.

I have access to Jesse Freeman's book, "Building HTML5 Games with ImpactJS" at no extra charge through my O'Reilly Safari account - is that a good way to go, or is it dated at this point?

Any other tutorials/videos/books that are recommended? (He already knows some JavaScript/HTML/CSS, along with Python, PHP, and at least another language or two.)

Thanks in advance!

9 years ago by alexandre

IMO, the book is more than sufficient for your son to get started (with no other books needed). Breaking changes (to the API) if any are bound to be clearly documented in the Docs section of this site. Impact's documentation is in fact so good that it could be qualified (IMO) as "award-winning". It is that good, and goes a long way in helping justify the purchase price of this engine. So, without hesitation, I'd say go for it.

PS: you might find it fun to learn Impact along with your son.

9 years ago by occamman


(I'd LOVE to, if I only had the time...)

9 years ago by alexandre

if I only had the time

That sounds like a good idea for a first game. ;)
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