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1 decade ago by searsaw

I was reading some documentation on the game engine today since I'm trying to learn to use it. I'm still new to it. I found it, not difficult, but not pleasant. I think a great idea for Dominic or anyone else would be to make an app for mobile phones that acts as documentation for it. All the documentation could be up on there with a better interface so people can find the properties of a specific class on a phone easier.

Hell, maybe even throw the forums on there. Essentially make it an extension of the website.

I would do it, but I know nothing about developing apps, unfortunately.

What does everyone think?

1 decade ago by RobLuk

The docs on this site are pretty decent, compared to a lot of docs on other JS game engines. Of course they could be better, but I'm sure Dominic only has so much time for this. A lot can be learned just by going through the Impact library code (if you bought/downloaded Impact, and know Javascript).

There is a lot of docs/tutorials on this site:

I personally find it difficult to read/view useful docs on my mobile phone, I prefer a browser. Also makes copy and paste possible.
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