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8 years ago by Jason21


I'm trying to use Ejecta-X on Android. So far not much success. I can see the beziers sample but not my game.

Is there Ejecta-X version compatibe to recent iOS Ejecta ?

Is it supposed to work GLES 1 or 2? I noticed it links in both libs so I thought it's GLES 2 but it uses glDisableClientState from GLES 1.


8 years ago by Jason21

Is this site alive?!?!?!
I can see most of my game now:D cannot hear though.

There are a few issues. Some are resolved by switching to the develop branch.

The remaining ones I hope to solve:
1. Calling setTimer from touchstart freezes the game and it eventually cores. Maybe a threading issue?
2. beginPath assumes moveTo(0,0) so starting a path with arc adds an triangle to (0,0)
3. Off-screen drawing is not working properly. I don't know what exactly yet. I'm drawing masks off-screen, fill them using drawRect with "source-in" to change color and copy to screen with drawImage.
I get either full rect of color, or an empty one.
4. Audio is not implemented

From this state of affairs I assume I'm the first one to use Ejecta-X ?

8 years ago by Jason21

Audio is on!! my first go at JNI went well:)
Off-screen drawing is now working. I've added all the globalCompositeOperation...
Timers and touches are still not working properly :P

7 years ago by johnworne

i'm new user.i like this.

best regards

7 years ago by Dryrlois

and do you know the reason for [url=]this[/url] fault? My friend successfully installed this game on his smartphone, I can ask him how he did it. Let me know if you need help.
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