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9 years ago by RobertBrooks

Hi everybody

I'm putting together a site for 2d developers who use impact and other engines for their games. I'm trying to make a huge collection of royalty free 2d art for use in commercial games. All the work is my own because I'm trying to maintain a similar style across the library.

There are already hundreds of assets available, mosty high resolution side scrolling perspective but there are gui elements, icons, animated sprites and more. . Some are free but not all of them are, but I'm aiming to keep the price as low as possible , from just a few cents to a dollar or so, depending on the amount of assets included and the time it has taken for me to create them. If you check them out I'm sure you'll be surprised at their price.

The goal is to allow devs to be able to create a finished game without having to spend a fortune on graphics and the idea is to create a large enough library of high quality assets to be able to offer them at such low prices.

If you like the idea and would like to check out the assets You can visit the site at

I've been working on the site for over a year now and I feel there are enough assets now to justify trying to create interest in the site. If there is a lot of interest then I will dedicate all my time to the production of more and more assets.

I'm having a really hard time promoting the site at the moment so I hope you don't mind me kinda spamming the forum. I feel the idea for the site is a good one weather it's commercially viable or not, and would be of use to many indie devs like myself ( or at least was before starting this site). If anybody has any ideas on how I can promote the site I would love to hear them. In fact any form of feedback is deeply appreciated

Robert Brooks

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

In the world of 3D models, there's a site I use called Form Fonts. Their business model is a subscription (monthly, yearly or 2 years for best deal) and you then have access to up to 30 models a day. I'm not sure if that makes sense for game development because you might not download in such huge volume. But I like subscription plans that give me total access, as opposed to à la carte, pay-as-you-go.

Even though your style is nice and clean, it might be limiting to have a consistent style, because everyone's games will look alike.

Anyway, GDS is a cool idea that could possibly scale. For Form Fonts, there are the official models that are clean and correctly sized (a couch can be dropped into a house and it's the right scale). But there's also an option for user-generated models, where quality is not guaranteed, but there are often good things there.

Maybe GDS could allow members to contribute and earn credits or get percentage of the sales. They would benefit from your marketplace, and you would benefit from a bigger library. Of course scaling up introduces problems like how to make sure people aren't uploading other people's work.

I would tweet your site to the game dev community and start a FB page, maybe give free offers now and then, send out messages when you add a new group of tiles or assets.

Good luck.

9 years ago by RobertBrooks

Thanks for the feedback, I had considered allowing membership with total access but until there's a massive choice of assets on there I don't think it would work out well. I hear what you're saying about a consistent style and to tell the truth a change would be nice as it's getting tiring drawing in all the same style. At some point in the future I think opening up to allow other member`s work on there is a definite!

Thanks for the great advice. I always appreciate hearing peoples opinions

8 years ago by gibo1021

Why don't you try to check this out, they have free and paid assets.
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