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1 decade ago by bitmapshades

As some of you who hang out on the code forums might be aware, I'm working on such a game which is about 3 months into development. Using my own expertise and asking the right questions I have built a playable demo with keyboard controls, eight directional movement and firing, mini map, conversation system and level based xp mechanics.

The end goal is to make a playable mobile game, for android and iphone, with controls similar to Zombie Wood but with gameplay similar to PC gaming classic Chaos Engine.

The big question for me is how to attract concept artists and creative talent while protecting the IP and attract funding. I'm looking at Steam Greenlight as a possible solution to that goal. Interested parties who are serious and would be interested please contact me for a frank discussion on revenue share and online distribution.

1 decade ago by 10yen

it's very easy. pay and hire concept artist. Most of time revenue sharing can only get poor works.

If you are willing to give a fair pricing, I will be glad to join you.

1 decade ago by bitmapshades

What counts as fair pricing for commissioning concept artwork is likely to be subjective, other than perhaps work done by the hour. This project is purely something I've been working on myself unpaid, not as part of a company so I want to ensure that I have concept art that fits the overall vision that I can rely on later on.

Living in the north of England I'd want to be able to meet face to face with the artist to show them the demo and concept.
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