New to impactjs but needed to validate game design and get suggestions from your expertise. I thought even impactjs is more oriented towards realtime 2d games but multiplayer card games could become a platform. I like to port my current html5 game to impactjs framework.

Here is what I've done in a side project which I have coded from scratch the client part of a poker game using HTML5 canvas and websocket.
You can watch a demo of it in below link.


Playing with the IDE and searching for answer from various posts to see if I can use impactjs to port the current game to impactjs framework. I see that I can use various plugins for my needs like node/socketio. The only part I need to do for the client is rendering graphics and handling players inputs since everything is already done on the server.

Basically, what I have done with little so far is that I've created the 52 cards with each as its own entity so I can manipulate them individually to deal. Similarly done with the chips based on their amount for calculation as with the seats to sit/unsit players. Am I in the correct path? Other suggested alternative or advice is appreciated.

I do have an another question which I'm looking on how to implement a turn based timer with impactjs. Does anyone here have already done this in a similarly way?