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1 decade ago by howard


I am new to HTML5 game development (on mobile platforms), if you are existing HTML5 game developers, would you mind answering the following questions?

1. Without the acceleration like cocoonjs/safari nitro, is game developed using pure JS approach like ImpactJS really playable on most mobile devices? Any good example? (I knew the most famous example Biolab Disaster is using cocoonjs..)

2. If you have experience in developing game using native approaches, e.g. cocos2d for iPhone, AndEngine, how does the development time differ when you use HTML5/ImpactJS?

3. If you can start over again NOW, will you still choose impactjs?

4. Finally, are there any "KitchenSink " kind of app (feature demo) for ImpactJS?

Thanks for your advice first..

1 decade ago by fugufish

hi howard

1. yes. If you look at all of dominic's games, they're playable on the almost all modern smartphones.

2. development time is roughly the same, it depends on your gamedev xp a lot.

3. yes

4. no kitchen sink, but you there are examples available on the download page (upon purchase i think).

where are you based btw? drop me an email, will see what i can do.

1 decade ago by fugufish

this might be of interest to you
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