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1 decade ago by DaRaFF

Actually im very excited about game programming with javascript, because i see the possibilities about distributing 1 game to several devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, Browser, ... )
Im new to game programming, but im very eager to learn the important stuff.
Actually im implementing a Tetris clone (what else :-) ) @

It's running ok but the performance for mobile devices and iPad sucks.

I was very impressed about the performance of biolab disaster.

How can i improve the performance? Do you know good sources (books, tutorials, ...). How can i improve my skills for game programming in general?

It's logical for me to use a game framework sooner or later, but for now i want to learn the basic stuff native.

1 decade ago by ryan

This is a great book:

If I had to own one js book, that'd be it. Two other great js books:
(I actually own the 2006 edition, but from what I can tell, the link above is 2011 and more up to date with browser comparabilities, html 5, etc... so I'd go 2011)
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