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10 years ago by coreysnyder

Fellow Developers,

I recently released my first game iOS & HTML5 game Zombie Holiday. Along the way I learned quite a bit and I wanted to share what I learned with anyone else who may be working on their first game. Also I'd love to hear any feedback, ideas or thoughts you might have.

Here is a link to my post:


10 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Thanks for this write-up on real-world experience. It's helpful even if you're not working on your first game.

10 years ago by coreysnyder

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

10 years ago by McFussyPants

Great info Corey!

Dominic and crew did a fantastic job with Ejecta. I wrote my html5 canvas game from scratch over the last two months. Considered many other options to bring it to iOS. So happy I chose Ejecta. Just started this afternoon, and already 95% of the game is running. And buttery smooth. Sound tomorrow. Not sure whether I am going to bother attempting to port my use of web sockets. It works as a single player game just fine.

10 years ago by alexandre

Great write-up Corey. Lots of valuable info for noobs and non-noobs. Saved to "Pocket" for future reference.

One thing I'm not clear about: you mention an eventual port to Android. What advantages would you see to doing such a thing, given that you've already published on Google Chrome's Store?

10 years ago by garyk1968

That's a great article thanks for sharing.

By the way the twitter link didn't let me share the article, happy to share!

10 years ago by Roz

Hey,I am also making a game and if I will have any problem,I will call you.
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