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1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Fellow Developers,

I recently released my first game iOS & HTML5 game Zombie Holiday. Along the way I learned quite a bit and I wanted to share what I learned with anyone else who may be working on their first game. Also I'd love to hear any feedback, ideas or thoughts you might have.

Here is a link to my post:


1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

Thanks for this write-up on real-world experience. It's helpful even if you're not working on your first game.

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

1 decade ago by McFussyPants

Great info Corey!

Dominic and crew did a fantastic job with Ejecta. I wrote my html5 canvas game from scratch over the last two months. Considered many other options to bring it to iOS. So happy I chose Ejecta. Just started this afternoon, and already 95% of the game is running. And buttery smooth. Sound tomorrow. Not sure whether I am going to bother attempting to port my use of web sockets. It works as a single player game just fine.

1 decade ago by alexandre

Great write-up Corey. Lots of valuable info for noobs and non-noobs. Saved to "Pocket" for future reference.

One thing I'm not clear about: you mention an eventual port to Android. What advantages would you see to doing such a thing, given that you've already published on Google Chrome's Store?

1 decade ago by garyk1968

That's a great article thanks for sharing.

By the way the twitter link didn't let me share the article, happy to share!

1 decade ago by Roz

Hey,I am also making a game and if I will have any problem,I will call you.
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