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7 years ago by coreysnyder

My game "Zombie Holiday" is in review for the App Store currently. Does anyone have any advice on how to promote their game after release? Other than word of mouth how do you go about generating sales?

7 years ago by TylerAppmobi

There are quite a few blogs out there that have some great ideas for indie promotion, asking twitter under #gamedev might get you some good results also.

With a small budget, here are some ideas I can think of:

Vista print always has great deals on cheap business cards. Design a card with the character of the game, brief information on the game, and a QR code to download it in the store. Cost should be low and if you live in a city, just place them around in random places. EDIT* Or ask local shops to keep them at the counter for people to take*

Creating a short 30s to 1 minute youtube video of gameplay and brief description would also be a good idea as it's easier to get people to watch a video than download an app.

If this is going to be a game you maintain, a blog could help keep your engaged user base up to date on known bugs / updates and it would create an internet presence for your game (if you don't have a website for it already).

Contact app review blogs and ask them to review your game. They are always looking for content to score and it would be good to have a couple of reviews to point to.

7 years ago by coreysnyder

Tyler thanks for the feedback. I like it!

7 years ago by coreysnyder

I'm quickly finding out that many of these review sites require you to pay them money to get a review.That's disappointing. I'm not a company with lots of money to promote my work. I can't be paying thousands of dollars to get reviews. :(
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