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1 decade ago by GreyShock

I made this torture/interrogation simulator game for the Ludum Dare 24, hope you enjoy it :)

Runs perfectly on Chrome, on Firefox loads veeeery slow. BTW, I had this problem with ImpactJS and Firefox since Firefox 14, anyone knows why?

1 decade ago by paulh

AWESOME, love it!

1 decade ago by Jib

Well done guys, I had to finish it :)

1 decade ago by RobLuk

I usually develop in Firefox. Firefox 14.0.1 on my work computer has some Web Developer Add-Ons, and my game runs kind of choppy on them. My computer at home has Firefox (not sure of version, probably 14.x.x), but not all the Add-ons, and my game runs smooth on it.

Try disabling all of your Add-Ons and see if it works any better.
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