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10 years ago by SlouchCouch

Finally after i dunno how many months. Here you go, play Drugbound:

-Four levels
-Item store/menu built in html5 with divs (probably wouldnt' do it this way again)
-Integration with Google Wallet for a single In-app purchase item.
-cool chiptune soundtrack

I'm pretty proud. It's my first actual game that i'm done with and was supposed to only take around 2 months (actual time was around 9 months i think).

Things i'd like to add if i ever have time:
-Achievements (now that the menu is already there)
-port to ios/android. Might do that with cocoonJS. Ejecta might be hard because i used floating div above the canvas for all the menus, and I'm not sure Ejecta can handle that (and I don't know enough about xcode/ios to implement it myself).
-I wanted to add a 5th level in space but I ran out of time and had to cut things

Let me know what you guys think.

10 years ago by taddeimania

Really fun game! I died a lot and was ultimately was did my patience in having to start new each time. I also loved the tableflip guys nice touch.

The controls were really response, the buzzsaws / death splashes reminded me a little of super meat boy. Nice job.
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