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1 decade ago by mimik

So I'm trying to make a cozy farm game.
A harvest moon style if you will.

You can equip the hammer with the '1' key
and hit rocks with 'Enter' key.

Works fine on ipad via ios impact.

Having some problems with tilebased movements and some other bugs at the moment.

Currently i have it setup so you have to walk into an a rock before you can hit it with the hammer.

Give it a spin here: (sorry for the big img load) :-)

Updated Link*

1 decade ago by mimik

Updated the collision boxes for the demo.
Adding game logic.
now you can chop rock correctly when equip tool with key 1 and chop with enter key.

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

link is down?

1 decade ago by fugufish

can't load the link

1 decade ago by mimik

yeah sorry new link on its way,
i had some supersized pngs for testing that filled my box.

1 decade ago by mimik

New link!

Still kinda big to load.
Work in progress, what do you guys think?

Love some feedback.

1 decade ago by Megalodactyl

Hey, I like it, is the farm on these floating islands?
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