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 by eLouai
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10 years ago by eLouai

This was 48 hours game jam I just completed.
I wanted to use this as a kick in the ass way to get myself coding games in html5.
This was held in Victoria BC, started at Friday 6pm finished Sunday 6pm.

Struggled with box2d, but at least I understand it a lot more now.

CopterPig is paying homage to the great Porco Rosso anime.

The original idea was to make it a racing game, single tap to change direction, the building was supposed to be much longer. Let me know what you guys think of it.

Oh the death animation and the collision detection is off (something to do with box2d)

10 years ago by stahlmanDesign

I like how the buildings seem to be generated by code, but since you left the debug panel, I see the levels are created manually.

When you hit the clouds it really feels like you're floating up. This is better than having done a racing game.

I can see this working well on touch screen since all you have to do is tap to change direction.

As an added challenge (level 2, 3 etc.) imagine at one point you hit a cross wind which makes it harder to go to one side, but easy to drift too far to the other.

10 years ago by eLouai

Thanks for the feedback.

The reason I wanted a fixed map is to control the difficulty for the player. Autogeneration is certainly feesible.

I don't know if you noticed but the collision detection is a bit flaky,

For the race, its still the same game mechanics. So all the same except there would be another player on the same map trying to reach the top first.

I really like your idea of crosswinds.... yes really really like it :)
Think this game has legs?
What I mean is the baic mechanics of the game 'fun'.
If so I do will do multi levels and polish it off (a lot more animation and graphics added)
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