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 by stuckie
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10 years ago by stuckie

So, a while has passed since the Germies! prototype... and a lot of things have happened in the mean time!

Firstly, Arcade Badgers has been incorporated, and today we've finally released our first game - which just so happens to be a cleaned up version of the Germies prototype!

There's an interesting hack I've done in that it will detect whether the window is portrait or landscape, and will re-organise itself accordingly. It works on both desktop and mobile, so it should let you play in whatever orientation works best for you :)
The hack is basically hijacking Jesse Freeman's impact starter kit's "resize" code, and spatting a global variable to know in-game whether we are portrait or landscape. I then rejigger things while re-aligning buttons should a resize occur. Nice and simple, but it works rather well, I think.

Anyway, it's late now, and I need sleep.. I've lots of porting to do soon!

This first version has been released up on, and more platforms will follow when I get my mitts on them.

10 years ago by stuckie

I've just pushed an update that adds music, three difficulties, an in-game tutorial, and a start/end process.

Hopefully smooths out a few of the rough edges!
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