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8 years ago by Skayros

I'm looking for Html5 game developpers to create simple casual games playable on one screen, with a game-play design for 1 vs 1 mode and with a round which does not exceed 5 min.

Ideas where I can find that :)???

8 years ago by StuartTresadern

Any more details ? you do not have an email address in your profile!

8 years ago by alexandre

I'm up for it. Have already worked with a few people here. Contact me (you didnt leave a contact email) if interested.

I had completely misread your post, thinking you were hiring. Interesting site and API nonetheless. Will delve deeper. Cheers.

8 years ago by fugufish

as an alternative, contact some devs on It's where a lot of HTML5 devs hang too.

8 years ago by Skayros

More details at this adress :

Thanks for your answer, you can contact me at (in French if you want, it seems you are from Montreal :) )

Thanks for your tips, it's a good idea :).

8 years ago by alexandre

Done. Just sent you an email.

BTW if anyone in the Montreal area is, or knows of someone, looking for a full-time
impactjs/Objective-C/C dev or lead, please let me know. Am trying to settle back home after a 7 year absence, life in Asia having lost most of its appeal. Thanks in advance.
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