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1 decade ago by Poplicola

Hey guys, my studio Lunar Giant made a game using ImpactJS in conjunction with nerdcore rapper Mega Ran. It's basically a combination of Mega Man + Metroid.

It still needs polish (we made it in about 2-3 months), but here it is:

We've also open sourced the code, which you can find here:

1 decade ago by Gamma

Love the game, and I love the fact that you love to share you're knowledge on Github. I love the game, and I appreciate the fact that you want to help others out. Thanks man.

1 decade ago by RobLuk

Cool game, brings back some NES nostalgia:) I didn't play too far in, as I don't want to commit at work. Is there a way to save your progress? If so, it's not obvious to me at least...
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