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1 decade ago by peardox

We've put out work in progress game on KickStarter

The video shows in-game action

1 decade ago by Jackolantern

Very impressive! Is this made with Impact JS?

1 decade ago by peardox

Every but of it with some custom stuff for things like Inventory

It employs nine layers on the sample level you can see in the video

Works perfectly on iOS, BlackBerry and Desktop - issues with Droid's XDOM

1 decade ago by udelunar

Good job ^^!!

1 decade ago by peardox

Looks nice

We just got a load of ppl on KS asking for features - one was gonna do us 2k

There's a definite market using Dominic's platform

It's best to separate the design from the programming as few of us can do both

Personally I have the images and sound backup

Build a team (it can take a while - worth it)
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