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Mutant Zombie Monsters 2

 by BFresh
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1 decade ago by BFresh

Here's my first cut of Mutant Zombie Monsters 2! 15 Weapons and 10 levels of mowing down zombies.

10 years ago by BFresh

I learned CocoonJS and within a few days, got a working Android app! Here you go:

Android App

10 years ago by BFresh

1.1 Update! Feedback Appreciated

* Survival Arena Mode Added
- Survive infinite zombie waves for as long as possible
- 5 Arenas
- Zombies Killed Record Added
- Survival Time Record Added
* Weapon Power Adjusted
- Increased 50 cal fire speed
- Reduced ammo for AA-12 Shotgun
* Zombie Gibs and Deaths Improved
* Improved Zombie AI - More Aggressive

10 years ago by Uloi

How do you jump or shoot? And the android app doesnt work on a nexus 5.

10 years ago by BFresh

The mobile buttons are shown if is true, you should be seeing an "A" and "B" button in the lower right. It works well on my nexus 7 and every other mobile device I've tried. Gonna have to investigate the nexus 5 a little more...
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