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1 decade ago by GreyShock

Hi guys :)

I want to present you Newbie Conviction. Some sort of typing skill/puzzle adventure game in wich you play as a hacker of a distopic future war. The Game Design is clearly twisted and weird, I suppose we lost ourselves on the way of making something original, but well, we worked on it during 3 months and this is the result.
(works only on google chrome)

We submitted it to the Ludum Dare's October Challenge: Earn a dollar, trying to make money from one of our games for the first time.

Here's the full report:


Also, I would like to ask you about some impactJS optimization. Our game uses almost 2 Gb of RAM!!! Try to run the task manager while playing and watch it yourself. The performance cost rises everytime you refresh the browser (So, if you enter the play page 5-6~ times in the same session, the browser may crash). Anyone knows why?

It was heavy to move, but when we included sounds, it can even freeze your OS! We just included .ogg sounds. Any tips on this performance issues?

1 decade ago by Krisjet

Awesome graphics! Was a bit sad when it turned out that most of the gameplay actually occurs on a computer screen in-game. I would have loved if you turned this into more of an adventure game experience, I really wanted to walk around and explore a bit :)
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