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1 decade ago by Datamosh

Enjoy! ^_^

1 decade ago by amat

An amazing game! I love it! :)

1 decade ago by alexandre

I like it a lot. Intriguing premise, lots of room to explore, innovative (enotes, the trickle health recharging system). I'll vote it up. My favourite entry thus far.

Did you use WM at all for the levels; I wonder how you created those foreground hills because they don't look like they come from tile sets.

1 decade ago by Datamosh

Thanks! Yes, all with WM. Later on, I'll organize and upload the source code to the private area.

1 decade ago by gnx

Very nice looking game.
At first I didn't notice there were more rocks behind the space pod so I felt a bit slow to build the first checkpoint.

The loading pauses are really long though.

1 decade ago by Datamosh

Oooh sorry for the loading pauses, sincerely for lack of time I tried it in a few browsers / os combinations and did not have that problem.

Thank you all for testing :)

1 decade ago by Datamosh


#17 - Overall
#4 - Mood
#13 - Graphics

Now let's finish the full version for web and iphone! ^_^

1 decade ago by Gamma

Nice game! How did you guys make the game save your data locally so that when you come back to the game it goes back to where you left off. I really would like to know! :D

1 decade ago by Gamma

Nevermind, you already answered that question for me on Twitter. :)

1 decade ago by Krisjet

Great job to you and your team, Datamosh!

Your game was definitely among the best jam entries, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished version.
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