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Space Shoot'Em

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1 decade ago by coreysnyder

This my May entry for #1GAM. There was so much more I wanted to add to this game but I just didn't have time. I threw this together in about 8 hours. This will be one I look forward to coming back to in order to add some goodies!

There's not much too this one. Click to Fire. As the levels progress the enemies attack in greater numbers. Your base will take so much damage before you lose.

Any feedback, ideas, or tips are greatly appreciated.

Corey Snyder

1 decade ago by gnx

I think the most obvious gameplay problem is that you get a bit bored with just shooting bullets. The fact they explode at certain ranges is a good mechanic, but everything moves so slow in the game you have ample time to fix almost any mistake.

I think you could focus on the risk/reward of the proximity explosions. For example give the player a faster reloading, but weaker general weapon and a limited amount of more effective rounds you have to aim at distances.

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Gnx thanks for the feedback. I had so much more I wanted to do with this game but just didn't have the time. I may revisit this game later on in the year. I've moved on to creating a 3D game with Unity for now.
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