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 by bitanical
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1 decade ago by bitanical

Stijl is my first completed game. I created it during the Ludum Dare #26 competition (theme Minimalism). It is based off of the De Stijl artistic movement and Piet Mondrian's paintings. It uses the RBY primary color scheme for game play. The goal is to move the ball through the colored gates, but the ball must be the same color as the gate in order to pass through it.

1 decade ago by drhayes

Very cool. I like the puzzly paint mixture thing. The controls felt nice and snappy, too.

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Not too shabby! I enjoyed this game quite a bit and I completed all of the levels.

I found a couple things to be slightly confusing:
* Why do I turn grey by bumping into another color?
* Why does the door turn white once I match that color? I'd prefer the door just stayed whatever color was required to open it.
* You could Identify the exits a little better. I think they're currently marked by a small color under them?

1 decade ago by bitanical

Thanks for the feedback.

* The grey color was used to indicate neutral color. I needed a way to get from a mixed color back to a neutral state, so the primary colors could be used again. Sort of a compromise for the short time I had during LD.

* I thought about leaving the doors the same color, but thought it would be nice to have a visual confirmation. I might change it back when I return to the game.

* I agree on the exits! Those little markers were a quick compromise at the time.

Definitely room for improvement on this game. Thanks for checking out it out!
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