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Super Mario World: Koopa Krisis

 by DrkSephy
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9 years ago by DrkSephy

About the game

Super Mario World: Koopa Krisis is a 2D side-scroller platforming game which aims to be a fun, non-profit fan-made game inspired by Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo made purely for educational reasons.

Follow Mario as he works his way through almost a dozen levels in a new world, aiming to defeat the treacherous Iggy Koopa, all while encountering both familiar and new enemies. Those who make it through the game with exceptional gameplay will find yourself able to challenge a hidden level. Can you make it all the way to the end?


This game began as a project in our Game Development club in August 2013, and finished after 5 months of development in January, 2014. The motivation to make this game was to learn JavaScript and to experiment with the ImpactJS game engine (major thanks to Dominic for allowing our club to have access to ImpactJS!).

Developers and Source Code

For those interested in the source code, you may find it here.

As of now, we've stopped development on this game. Stay tuned for our future projects!

We hope that you enjoy!

9 years ago by Krisjet

First I would like to say that studying the classics is a good way to learn a lot really fast, secondly I'd like to say that your attempt at recreating the Super Mario World feel is pretty far off the mark. You would do well to study the physics of the game and the feeling of movement much more in-depth if you want to create something that is even slightly similar to the original.

Right now it comes off as pretty amateurish (which is totally fine as this is your first project with Impact and your clubs' first project). If you want your next project to be better I recommend taking a look at this video:
and maybe check out the book Game Feel by Steve Swink.

Hope I wasn't too discouraging, and remember, if you keep making games, you'll just keep getting better at it!
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