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1 decade ago by dariusk

I made Twitapocalypse this weekend for the Global Game Jam. It's a platform game where you play Death and you run around decapitating people you follow on Twitter. It's also a guessing game: you have a list of four people at any time you need to kill, but you have to remember their icon or infer who they are from what they're saying. The game is harder if you follow a lot of people you don't really pay attention to.

The game is still pretty buggy. I'd appreciate any bug reports. Right now it requires Chrome or Firefox 4.

1 decade ago by dariusk

Oops, game link:

1 decade ago by fugufish

really enjoyed the game. two highlights for me:

1. the jump and decapitate effect, coupled with sound
2. blood splatter of twitter follower


1. maybe a "double kill" within a specified time frame would be awesome

2. the score board looks irrelevant : for me, i'd want to know how many twitter followers I decapitated, and who. Maybe put a row of thumbnails of killed followers at the bottom of the screen (outside the canvas, with ajax calls ). Superimpose the Death face on the thumbnails, that would be sick :D
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