Try out my (far from polished) game here:

It is a mash up of Tower Defense, XCOM, Pandemic, and fortress building.

New things:
Random Missions
Global Infection Rates

Instead of just seeing how long you can survive on a map, there are now random missions with different types of objectives.

Currently three mission types: Collect X Food, Build X Farms, Survive X Days.

Each time you complete a mission, the infection rate of that continent will decrease, and you are rewarded with precious metal.
Use the metal to upgrade your weapons.
Kill the infection in all continents before any one continent reaches an infection level of 100.

Things I want to add:
More units
More enemies
Persistent squads
Item drops
World Map
Night Time Fog of War

Balance is probably way off! It should be possible to win pretty easily, though it may take awhile. Any advice here would be great.

Successfully completing a mission brings you immediately to the Command Center. There should be a victory/defeat screen in between.

There is no Game Over or Victory screen when you beat or lose the game.
Ideas and critiques encouraged! Thanks!