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1 decade ago by WoPr

Hi all!

I wonder to know how can I access to the sprites on a spritesheet of 3 files. If I have a spritesheet like this:

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

Each "number" is a 8x8 sprite... How I set an animation of 6,7 and 8?

Best regards,

1 decade ago by John

Why do you have three sprite sheets? You could just put all your spirites on one image that is 32px wide & 24px heigh, then you could use this code:

//Add your sprite sheet's file name and then define the frame dimensions, in your case it would be 8x8 (Width , Height).

animSheet: new ig.AnimationSheet( 'media/yourspritesheet.png', 8, 8),

//Note that the frames always start at 0 like in an array.

this.addAnim( 'idle', .18, [0,1,2,3] );

//So 6,7 and 8 would be 5,6,7

this.addAnim( 'kick', .18, [5,6,7] );

I hope this helped.

1 decade ago by WoPr

Hi John,

I do have only one spritesheet, but I thought that I have to use all frames on one line (like in the examples)

This helps a lot :-D

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