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1 decade ago by tarrent

Hi this isn't very much ImpactJS-related but since appMobi adopted this to its Impact XDK I'll be asking you this, for those who have used appMobi for html5 mobile games development.

Are their Device Selection and Device Emulator enough to take the place of real devices for testing purposes? Supposing I don't have all devices at hand.


1 decade ago by tarrent

I found the answer to my question just minutes ago :) The answer is NO, the Device Emulators are just to test the screen size. Actual device are still needed to check for browser optimizations.

1 decade ago by appMobiJohn

The emulator does a pretty darn good job for the emulation, but we always tell users to test their apps on device before deploying to the stores that way there are no hidden surprises that surface when your app hits the store.

The issue that people come across the most is the viewport. Because there is such a wide variety of Android devices, the screen may look a little different from 1 android to another.
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