Hi all,

I'm building a game using ImpactJS and the Appmobi XDK and I want to target ipad2 and ipad3's retina display initially.

I have a level where there are some entities to drag and drop and a background. I'm using a 2048 x 1536 resolution without scaling since the background and other entities are generated based on that resolution.

Here's the code for my main call:

ig.main( '#canvas', MyGame, 60, 2048, 1536, 1 );

Now this makes the game awfully slow, in both ipads (2 and 3).

Changing all assets to a 1024x768 resolution

ig.main( '#canvas', MyGame, 60, 1024, 768, 1 );

Makes everything run smoother, but then I'm not loading the high resolution assets when running on retina display.

Being that I'm using Appmobi and not Ejecta (which seems to load the @2X version of assets when detecting retina display). Do you think there's any good way to do something like this when using AppMobi? What's the best way to load different assets for different resolutions using impactJS?

Thanks a lot!