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9 years ago by ijed

I'm a complete beginner with HTML5 development.

So I've downloaded everything, got the Uniform Server Zero installed and Impact within its www folder.

I can play the games from the download page just fine but when I try to run Weltmeister Chrome reports these JQuery error:

Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource.

Uncaught Failed to load entity list via glob.php: NetworkError: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load

And this warning:

XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated

And I can't use the editor - I see the buttons etc but nothing is drawn and none of the buttons function.

When I run it inside Internet Explorer it doesn't report any errors, but it doesn't work either.

I'm on windows x86 - Spanish version. This has caused problems in the past with software assuming a different directory structure.

Any advice? I'm downloading Opera now to see if that will work without the Uniform Server Z guff.

9 years ago by ijed

Ok, in Opera I get the Uncaught Circular Dependenies error.

But this is when trying to run the various game sources (pong, jump and gun) Weltmeister editors, without modifying any of the Js files - which surfaces on the forum searches related to this error.

So I'm guessing my install of the Uniform Server is wrong somehow? I'm running it as admin. Possibly it's being interfered with by my antivirus?

Ho hum, will keep on trying stuff.

9 years ago by ijed

So if I do this when launching Chrome:

It explodes in a different way :{

Uncaught Failed to load entity list via glob.php: SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

No doubt the answer to this is obvious to someone who knows about web development.

9 years ago by ijed

This seems to be the problem I'm having now, after adding the allow files extension.

9 years ago by phi

Are you trying to open weltmeister.html directly (e.g. double clicking the file)?
You need to open weltmeister through localhost.

file:/// [..] /weltmeister.html 

localhost:8888/ [..] /weltmeister.html 

9 years ago by ijed

Ok, that is the issue - I was also dragging the file into the browser.

But now, how do I know what is the correct address?

Google tells me that it's which just launches the index For UniformServerZ.

I tried this: http://localhost:8888/C:/UniServerZ/www/jumpnrun/weltmeister.html

Plus all its permutations and only got ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED for all of them. Trying to mash it up with the ip just fired me via Google to this thread again:

Trying the link to[]=lib%2Fgame%2Fentities%2F*.js mentioned by Dominic gives me no files found - [].

So the error is with my PHP? But that seems like another dead end since what you point to (file and not localhost) is correct, phi - I have always been trying to load the ┬┤file┬┤ version...

http://localhost//C:/UniServerZ/www/jumpnrun/index.html returns 403 forbidden.

Looking around, I see various things saying that this is a headache for web developers (ha no kidding) and various solutions, most of which I've tried (IP address, disabling firewall) but because of my own lack of knowledge and the fact I'm taking shots in the dark, nothing has worked so far.

(thank you for your patience)


(((I miss my comfort zone...)))

9 years ago by ijed

What is the normal way of accessing files locally? It seems odd that I can't see the files from here:

Writing it out each time would be annoying, so do you make a link or something?

9 years ago by ijed

Ok I feel stupid. But that means I learned something (namely, RTFM).

The Uniform Server Doc says that the index.html page can be deleted. I did that and can see the directory list and access weltmeister via the localhost through that.

Thanks phi, pointing out the file/ error got me on the right track!

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Most people use XAMP (OSX) LAMP (Linux) or MAMP (Windows) to create a localhost server. Once you set it up and start it you put your game in the folder where the server points to (you can configure this if you don't like the default location), then you can access it at

or whichever port your setup is using.

However, if you have node.js installed, I prefer node-impact as a server.

8 years ago by ijed

Thanks, thats useful as well.
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